Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish

Hong Kong 
Style Steamed Fish
1 fresh fish, preferably grouper, seabass,
¼ cup of very fine fresh ginger strips
¼ cup of spring onion strips
A few sprigs of fresh coriander
4 tbsp oil

Seasoning sauce:
3 to 3.5 tbsp light soy sauce (good brand), 2/3 cube of chicken stock + 1/3 cup hot water, 2 pieces of rock sugar
Prepare a wok with water, boil it.
If the fish is thick, make sure you cut a few strips on the meat or butterfly it. Put it into a plate, scatter ginger strips, spring onions and coriander.
When the water is boiling, put in the fish, start the timer (max 10 mins for 600g fish, add 2 mins for every 200g)
While steaming, prepare the seasoning sauce: mix the hot water with rock sugar, chicken cube and light soy sauce. Heat in the microwave for 1 min.
Using a fork or chopstick, dig into the thickest part of the fish (usually the middle of the body) to check its doneness. It is suppose to be cooked 99% with a speck of red remaining in the flesh. If not, cook another 1 min and then check again.
When it is cooked, take out the fish into a new plate. Pour away ALL the fishy juices & herbs. Don’t worry; you won’t regret pouring it away!
Pour the seasoning sauce all over the fish.
Garnish with ginger strips, lots of spring onions and coriander
Quickly heat up the oil until smoking (until you see smoke), Pour this cooking oil over fish. You will hear a very satisfying sizzling sound!

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  1. Salam Abg Ady,
    Satu menu sihat yang mengenyangkan...ada lagi ke? kalau dapat hirup kuah pun jadi la

  2. Salam Ady....mak aiiii sedapnya Ady..
    kalau dapat ratah-ratah hujan2 nie memang heavenn..
    mmmmmmm ada lagi x Dy...????

  3. salam mr ady..wahh..ikan steam...mesti sedap kan..mkn x toleh2 lagi tu..:-)..hong kong style..ada gaya maa..

  4. salam bro ady..
    my fav ikan masak camnie..x jadi lauk..mmg kena ratah jew la:)

  5. Kalau dapat ikan steam mcm ni..konfirm licin tengkorak dia kan..hehe..

  6. salam bro ady....seksi betul ikan tu meniarap...sempoi je menu ni. ikan kukus kite suke makan ratah.sedappp!

  7. Salam kenal Ady...nice blog..suka dgn rspi2nya...

  8. Tak tau kenapa, tapi love ni memang kurang sikit ngan steamed fishes. Kalau goreng atau bakar, senang je turun. It's okay...I will still take those toppings! :)

  9. Kalau ikan steam, memang jadi pilihan, sebab ia masakan menyihatkan... nampak special hong kong style steamed fish ini Ady!