Thursday, November 8, 2012

Roasted Baby Lamb Chop with Herb Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Baby Lamb Chop with Herb Roasted Potatoes

·         1 tablespoon toasted coriander seeds
·         1 tablespoon toasted cumin seeds
·         1/2 tablespoon cayenne pepper
·         1/2kg baby lamb chop
·         Kosher salt
·         Extra-virgin olive oil
·         Rosemary
Preheat the oven  to medium-high.
Grind the toasted spices, rosemary  in a spice grinder and add to a small bowl with cayenne .Season the lamb chop generously with salt and rub with the spice mix.
Give it a little massage with extra-virgin olive oil.
Roasted the lamb chop on the preheated ovenl and roasted on all sides until it is very brown and charred on the both side.
Roasted Potatoes

·         1 pound new potatoes, assorted varieties and colors are great
·         cloves garlic, smashed
·         2 tablespoons finely chopped sage
·         Pinch crushed red pepper flakes
·         Kosher salt
·         Extra-virgin olive oil
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
Cut the potatoes into halves or quarters, as long as they are all about the same size.
Place the potatoes in a large bowl and add the garlic, sage, and crushed red pepper. Generously sprinkle with kosher salt and olive oil. (The potatoes will absorb a lot of oil and salt; they will taste bland if we don't go big here.)
Lay the potatoes in a single layer on a sheet tray and roast in the preheated oven for 20 to 30 minutes. Check the potatoes halfway through the cooking process to rearrange so the potatoes will have even cooking time and get evenly browned. The potatoes should be nice and brown and really well flavored. Transfer to a serving bowl and serve.
Hot potato!

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  1. Wow! Tak berkelip mata... suka sangat! Suka roasted lamb....

  2. Assalam ady,
    salam maal hijrah buat ady & family ya..
    akak tak makan lamb..tapi my hubby makan..
    looks very berselera gitu ady..

  3. hi bro ady
    ada lamb rupanya disini..hubby zila paling suka mkn mcmnie..mabless:)

  4. OmG! Close up pics sungguh menggoda la Mr Ady! Terbayang2 lamb chop ni dah...:)