Monday, June 4, 2012

Rustic Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken
1 medium chicken
1 large lemon
1 packet Brussels sprout
1 packet Baby Carrots
1 sweet potato
1 corn
A few springs of thyme4tbsp olive oil
50g butter
150ml chicken stock
2 bay leaves
Salt and pepperStep 1: Preheat the oven
Set the temperature of the oven to 220ºC, 425ºF or gas mark 7.
Step 2: Stuff the chicken
Open the neck of the chicken and stuff with half a lemon and the sprigs of rosemary.
Step 3: Tie up the chicken
Secure the chicken by passing the string around the back of the bird, behind the wings. Then bring it up from underneath and around the ends of the drumsticks, binding them together firmly. From there, wrap the string once under the body and bring it back up to tie on top over the tips of the drumsticks.
Step 4: Season the chicken
Rub the chicken with a little olive oil and season all over with salt and pepper.
Step5: Chop the vegetables
Roughly chop the vegetables into chunks and put them into a bowl.Step6: Brown the chicken
Place the frying pan over a high heat and add the rest of the olive oil.
When hot, add the chicken, brown it on all sides and remove.
Step 7: Brown the vegetables
Put the vegetables into the same frying pan and season with salt and pepper.
Stirring occasionally, continue frying until they are lightly browned.
Step8: Add ingredients to roasting dish
Place the chunky vegetables into the roasting dish, add the remaining herbs and butter and place the chicken on top.Step 9: Put roasting dish in oven
Place the roasting dish on the middle shelf of the oven and cook for 30 minutes.
Step 10: Baste the chicken
After half an hour, open the oven and spoon the juices from the dish over the chicken, this will improve the flavour and colour of the bird. Then cook for a further 30 minutes.
Step 11: Add the stock
Pour the chicken stock into the roasting dish and cook for a final 20 to 30 minutes.
Step 12: Test the chicken
Insert a knife into the thick part of the leg. If the meat is white, it is ready to remove from the oven.
Step 13: Serve
Cut the string off before carving and serve while baking hot with roast potatoes and the gravy.
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Ady Greatsword Empire Kitchen Recipes,,


  1. salam tuan rumah....telah membuka selera di pagi hari ini...

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  3. Selamt pagi Ady,
    mana boleh tahan kalau nampak ayam macam ni...boleh gue makan banyak tau...

  4. Wahhh mengancam betul style ayam berposing tu! As a chickenlover myself, I'm taking the whole roast back with me...hehehe! :)

  5. wahh sama la kita menu ayam arinie..:)..the best ayam tue pose he hee

  6. Salam Ady...sedapnya.minta satu paha ayam tu...

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    rasa nak curi seekor dalam pinggan tu..adeh..!!

  8. salam ady,
    sini pun ayam sekor juga :-) menarik juga resepi ady ni .

  9. Salam, Ady... adohaiiii.. lapar perut, tak mahu nasi, nak ayam macam kat atas tu... ;-))))

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  11. asslm bro Ady...wah sedapnye tgk ayam panggang tu...myelerakan sungguh la...ade lgi x...nk rasa sikit la...hihi

  12. Salam Ady.sedap nampak ayam bakar tu....bakar sekor gini puas sekeluarga makan....

  13. Puaslah meratah rustic roast chicken tu... kita pn nak tumpang sepeha ye he he hehhh

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