Friday, April 28, 2017

Donut Tapai Ubi

Donut Tapai Ubi

Bahan2 A:
500 gr tepung gandum
200 gr tapai ubi
150 gr gula
1 bgks yeast
4 telur kuning
50gr tepung susu
150 to 200 ml air

Bahan2 B:
80gr mentega
½ sdt gram

Combine all ingredients A in mixing bowl
knead until it becomes dough.
Add in ingredients B, and continue kneading untill smooth and elastic.
Rest the dough for 45min
Divide into few small balls (30 to 50 gr each)
And let rise for 20min
Preheat the oil in a medium  heat.
Gently places the donuts into the oil , fry until cooked.

Allow to cool for 15 to 30 min to glazing or sugar , if desired.